Over the years, many of you have sat in my chair and we’ve discussed issues you’ve experienced with your hair. From flakey scalps to breakage to dry and damaged hair due to heat styling, chemicals, or environmental issues…you’ve shared your challenges. I have listened, addressed your concerns and I’ve been pleased to see improvements. You’re not alone in dealing with hair issues. I, too, have struggled at various points of my life. My main problem has been with my hair lacking moisture and shedding because of the dryness.

Nadia Vassell started Hair Freaq haircare line January of 2015, we began with 6 products: peppermint shampoo, argan oil shampoo, conditioner, hair masque, detangler, and a heat protector. These amazing 6 products were created to aid in every step of your hair care journey. We continue to added new products. Our products were developed to enhance your haircare routine and help you maintain healthy, beautiful tresses.