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  • How To Create Beachy Waves

    Posted: Jul 06 2015

    Photo Cred:  Pic found online   Step 1.  Start with clean dry hair Step 2.  Section the hair into four quadrants and secure each quadrant with a butterfly clip. Step 3.  Take horizontal partings from the back right quadrant Sept 4.  Make sure that the hair is combed smoothed with a fine tooth comb or smooth with fingers. Step 5.  Set your flat iron at a temperature of 350 degrees, start curling the hair, but focus on your wrist movement.  The movement is more of a glide downward motion.  Try not to get demarcations in the hair.  (I will do a youtube video on this) Step 6.  Continue doing step 5 until all the hair is curled.  Use your fingers to relax the curls, just rake your fingers through the curls.   Spray by titling the head backwards and spray a flexible holding spray.    Tools needed 1. Flat iron (I love...

  • How To Keep Your Hair Color From Fading

    Posted: Jun 29 2015

    You just received that awesome hair-color from your stylist, so how do you prevent it from bleeding and prolong the color.   1.   Semi-permanent colors are meant to last a few weeks and will wash out quicker than permanent hair colors.  Choose a hair color that isn't dramatically different from your own hair color.   If you are going for a dramatic result, lets say a redhead, you would require retouching more often. 2.  Choose a shampoos formulated for color treated hair.  Hair Freaq Quench Me Argan Oil Shampoo and Gimmie Life Sea Therapy Conditioner are both formulated with UV absorber designed to protect hair and fading of color. 3.  Wash your hair with cold water, cold waters helps prevent you hair color from fading.    

  • Products for Dry, Sun Damaged Hair

    Posted: Jun 13 2015

    Hair Freaq Quench me Argan Oil Shampoo To prevent hair color from fading, try Hair Freaq Quench me Argan Oil Shampoo $18 This gentle hydrating cleanser adds moisture into the hair, while eliminating any dry or brittle feeling. Leaves hair soft and shiny. Great for soft curls and extensions. Safe for colored, straightened and chemically-treated hair. Hair Freaq U Thirsty? Argan Oil Masque  Use once weekly, less frequently as hair improves.  Penetrates the cuticle deeply to rebuild strength, restore elasticity and hydrate dry or damaged hair. Great for extensions. Safe for colored, straightened and chemically-treated hair. $25, Hair Freaq U Thirsty? Argan Oil Masque Hair Freaq Knot me Hair Detangler This detangling conditioner, infused with active botanicals, leaves hair shiny without weighing it down.  Adds body and volume and repairs split ends. Safe for colored, straightened and chemically- treated hair. Hair Freaq Knot me Hair Detangler, $16